Make Your Mark 

What do we offer online?

Scentwork Classes

Scentwork is a great way of tiring your dog out and keeping them happy! Classes take place weekly over Zoom, and are fantastic fun to guide dogs from absolute beginners up to an advanced level. Each block has a maximum of four students which allows us to work individually with every partnership, and runs for six weeks. These classes are rolling, so at the end of the block you have the option rebook on! 

NHScentwork (Free!)

NHScentwork is a ​free four week online scentwork class specifically for key workers (proof will be required). These classes are a great way for key workers to relax a little and spend time with their dogs between their busy schedules. These classes take place on Zoom and are limited to four participants on a first-come-first-serve basis. After the four weeks are up, participants are given the option of booking onto a paid class or opening up the space to another key worker, but either way they will be invited to join our Facebook group community where they can receive training tips, daily challenges and live training videos.

Online dog training and behaviour

Any breed. Any age. Any ability. Any ambition. At Home.

 Make Your Mark is a dog training community run by Jack and Jodie, two young but very experienced qualified dog trainers who are passionate about improving the lives of dogs and their owners. We run physical classes in Dorset, but due to Covid-19, we have had to move classes online. Obviously there are downsides to this, as we aren't able to see our students face-to-face, however a huge benefit of being online is that we can now work with dogs and owners from all over the world! 

1-2-1 Behaviour and Training Consultations

For reactive or difficult dogs with behaviour problems or puppies, we do 1-2-1 consultations over Zoom. 1-2-1s are directed by you, for you, and we can cover anything from behaviour modification to loose-lead walking.

Tricks in Six

This is a six week trick training course in which you and your dog will be introduced to four of the most useful skills in trick training- shaping, luring, targeting and capturing. Throughout the course we will teach you how to train your dog twenty one different tricks from leg weaving to putting their toys away!

Loose Leading

Our six week dedicated Loose Leading course is perfect for those dogs who struggle out on walks, and their owners who struggle too! This course will guide you through non-intrusive, kind methods and games that'll make lead walks relaxing and fun! 


Our ultimate goal is to ensure a greater quality of life for everyone (both four-legged or otherwise) by providing dogs with mental and physical stimulation, helping difficult dogs feel more comfortable and happy, all-the-while showing their owners just how amazing their companions can be.

We are all about inclusivity. We know what it feels like to own a difficult dog. It is our promise to you that we will adjust the way we teach so that it suits your dog, and please never feel embarrassed about having a more difficult dog in our online classes. We are a non-judgemental community and here to help you! 

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Contact Number - 07508 883008