Assistance dogs are arguably one of the most important parts of society working today. They perform a number of important tasks that greatly impact the lives of those that are partnered with them.

These specific tasks range from picking up dropped objects and opening cupboards, to performing deep pressure therapy and anxiety reduction, to alerting their owners to specific sounds.

These tasks, however, are useful for every dog to and owner to know and understand. Whether it’s a trick to break out at a party, or a task that could potentially help someone you love in their day to day lives, the benefits should not be underestimated.

Make Your Mark is proud to bring these tasks to pet dog owners. Our workshop is taught by an assistance dog trainer with years of experience, training a variety of different dogs for a variety of different needs. You’ll learn about the basic aspects of training an assistance dog, from the socialisation to the public access work, to the step by step training of these tasks.

You will have a thorough understanding of how these tasks are trained in order for you to go away and practice with your pet dogs at home.

All workshops will be personalised depending on the requests of the attendee’s present, so the tasks that we work on will be entirely dependent on each individual handler and dog.

Please note that attending these workshops will not make your dog an assistance dog. We are not attempting to train assistance dogs, rather are training the behaviours that assistance dogs can and do perform.