Life Skills classes last six weeks and cost £100.

Classes take place on: 

Wednesdays at 18:00-19:00 (excluding winter months)

Saturdays at 10:30-11:30

Sunday at 10:30-11:30

Sunday at 12:15-13:15

And take place at a variety of locations in Bournemouth, primarily at the Hamworthy Club and Hurn Forest. 

What do our students say?

"Jack and Jodie are excellent dog trainers and our recently adopted 2 year old rescue dog has benefited hugely from their Life Skills classes.


They're incredibly knowledgeable, friendly and fun and they tailor the classes to each of the individual dogs' and owners' needs. If you want to really understand your dog, give them skills to make yours and their lives easier, and have some fun once a week I definitely suggest you book on!"



"Great training for both owner and pup! Jack and Jodie are very personable and explain things in an easy to understand and fun way. I have attended Life Skills with my puppy and he has done marvellously well. Being trained in the open 'real world' environment is in my opinion far better than in a church hall where a dog might just associate it's training with that once place. Thank you Jack and Jodie, can't wait to do more with you."


"Finding the words to express how fab these guys are is almost impossible! Professional, approachable, knowledgeable, understanding, emphatic...these aren't enough. Jack and Jodie really understand dogs and their owners! They are a breath of fresh air for us all and our dogs."


"Just completed a fabulous 'life-skills' course with Jack and Jodie. Every session was super fun and we learnt so much. My dog is rather nervous and can be reactive, Jack and Jodie always make us feel welcome and help me manage him in an inclusive way. They are both brilliant coaches who are very conscientious."


"Thank you so much to Jack and Jodie! We have just finished life skills with our 14 month old puppy that's we adopted 8 months ago and I can see huge changes already! Brilliant class and brilliant trainers."


Life Skills

In MYM Life Skills Classes, we teach you how to bring out the best in your dogs. True to the name, Life Skills aren't just basic puppy classes or obedience classes- these classes prepare you and your dog for what life throws at you! 

The six week syllabus can cover loose lead walking, recall, settling, disengagement and engagement, scentwork, cooperative grooming and handling, muzzle training and problems specific to your dog.


The classes also prepare owners for a life of dog ownership- covering dog behaviour, giving you a better understanding of why dogs act in certain ways, equipping you with independent training knowledge so that you are more confident teaching your dog new things, showing you all different forms of dog body language and introducing you to scentwork activities that can be utilised and developed throughout your dog's life!

What's more, they are fun! We always have a laugh and get to know each other. Community is at the heart of Make Your Mark and these classes strive to support owners, new and experienced, and enjoy ourselves. We believe that dog training is a family event, so we encourage you to bring your partners or children along to join in- the more the merrier!

Fun, real-life training classes that teach both dogs and owners!

"We attended 'Life Skills' training and would highly recommend. Its like no other training I know, and I'd tried others, just wish I'd found Make Your Mark first.

This is fun, friendly and well paced. No sitting around a hall being dictated to, this is fully interactive, whole family involvement, laughing and humour is allowed, no week is the same and you never know what will happen on your next class!.

You look forward to attending every week and more importantly so does your dog. Jack and Jodie are fab, if you are considering joining classes - DO IT, you won't regret it!"


"Sometimes people miss the point in dog training, owners and trainers alike. Fun. Have fun, be fun. Surely that’s the key? We recently took a Life Skills series of classes with Jack and Jodie, and just loved it.


It was a very small group, and Jack & Jodie provided interest and excitement along with a wealth of knowledge and personal feedback. They laughed with us all, no embarrassing ‘I’m hopeless’ ‘My dog’s a disaster’ moments; they laughed at themselves too! They helped me identify my dog's needs & strengths, and they provided great advice, all the while delivering active and engaging sessions.


My dog couldn’t wait to say hello once she realised where she was, and never wanted to get back into the car to go! Thank you both! Roll on the next phase of ‘training’!"