What is it?

Mantrailing is a fun new scentwork activity that is similar to both search and rescue and tracking, in which a dog sniffs out and finds a person based on an item of clothing, such as a glove, that they have dropped. 

Dogs have incredible noses- their sense of smell is believed to be at least 10,000 times better than ours! However, we rarely let them put their fantastic noses to use. Mantrailing, taught by our own Mantrailing UK qualified instructor, Jack Fenton, is a sport that dogs of all ages and breeds can take part in! We have worked with schnauzers, labradoodles, poodles, spaniels and even French bulldogs, reactive dogs, anxious dogs and rescue dogs- and they have all loved it! Activities can be tailored to the individual, so everyone can get the best out of their dogs. 


How do I get involved?

We run regular Introduction to Mantrailing Workshops (the next one can be found on our shop page) where you and your dog can learn the basics of the activity. The Intro Workshops cost £65 each. From there, we run drop-in classes where you pay beforehand but can attend as many or few as you would like. These class dates will be announced to everyone who has attended our Introduction Workshop and will take place out and about in different parts of Bournemouth, Wimborne, Blandford and Southbourne. They cost £30 a lesson. 


Where does this take place?

Our Introduction Workshops take place at the Hamworthy Club in Wimborne, but subsequent lessons take place all around southern Dorset!