Our Mission Statement


We believe that dogs of any age, ability or ambition should have a place they can learn, grow and develop.

We pride ourselves on creating an inclusive learning environment - all of our classes are suitable for all dogs, whether they are reactive, anxious, old or young. Our belief is that if we couldn't create a class that could be attended by all dogs, we wouldn't run it.

Our speciality is anxious and reactive dogs, and we've worked with dogs of all breeds all across Dorset to help change their behaviour, boost their confidence and make them much happier. We firmly believe that by taking a look at the entire picture in a dog's life, and using cutting edge behavioural modification techniques, we can improve the lives of the dogs around us.

We believe are Preventative and Needs Based Trainers. We work with puppies and adolescent dogs in order to prevent behaviour and training problems occurring - in order to do this, we look at why dogs behave in a certain way, what is causing that behaviour, and how we can modify it.

For our reactive and anxious students, we expertly analyse their behaviour, figure out the cause behind it, and put together a behaviour modification programme that helps both dog and caregiver become happier and healthier.

We cannot wait to work with you and your dog, and if you have any questions, contact us down below: