We are running six-week Scentwork Classes through Zoom and online videos, and it has had a fantastic response! From the comfort of your own home you can take your dog from an absolute beginner to a Scentwork Superstar following our simple and fun training techniques. 

Scentwork could be just what your dog needs if they are struggling from fewer walks or have become anxious or over-excited due to the current changes in routine, as it has been proven to relax dogs and tire them out. 

Over these rolling classes you will be taught how to promote searching, condition a sent for your dog to identify and teach and indication so your dog can let you know when they've found that scent! 

These classes are all inclusive- handlers and dogs of all ages and abilities are welcome.

Online Scentwork


NHScentwork is a Scentwork class Make Your Mark is running for free for Key Workers. These classes will take place over the period of four weeks, and after this students will have the option of booking onto a paid class to continue to progress, or to open their slot up to another Key Worker. To be put onto the waiting list, simply email mymdogs@gmail.com with a form of proof of your job.