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Make Your Mark 

What do we offer Online?


Scentwork Classes

Turning your dog into a scentwork superstar - maximum of four dogs per class, held on Zoom.

Behaviour Consults:

Our online behaviour consults are tailored specifically to anxious or reactive dogs and are held on Zoom!

In Person and Online dog training and behaviour

Any breed. Any age. Any ability. Any ambition. At Home.

 Make Your Mark is a dog training community run by Jack Fenton, a very experienced and qualified dog trainer who is passionate about improving the lives of dogs and their owners. He run classes and 1-2-1s in person across Dorset, but also now cover online with international students. He specialises in nosework, behaviour modification for anxious and reactive dogs, and specialises in gundogs and bull breeds. He also has a plethora of experience training assistance dogs.

What do we offer in-person?


1-2-1 Behaviour and Training Consultations

From your dog reacting to people or other dogs, guarding their food, or not coming back when called, we cover everything you will need to help your dog!

Nosework Classes:

We do a wide variety of nosework classes, including Tracking (following human scent) and Scentwork (looking for cloves). These are fantastic mental stimulation and great for behaviour modification.


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Our ultimate goal is to ensure a greater quality of life for everyone (both four-legged or otherwise) by providing dogs with mental and physical stimulation, helping difficult dogs feel more comfortable and happy, all-the-while showing their owners just how amazing their companions can be.

We are all about inclusivity. We know what it feels like to own a difficult dog. It is our promise to you that we will adjust the way we teach so that it suits your dog, and please never feel embarrassed about having a more difficult dog in our online classes. We are a non-judgemental community and here to help you!