Kevin is a one and a half year old French Bulldog, currently in training to be one of our demo assistance dogs. He has also completed the UKCSD Tracking Instructors course, and is looking to do media work in the future. His training progress, which will include Hearing Dog tasks, training for Working Trials and attempting Heelwork to Music will be documented.


Raffi is a three and a half year old Golden Retriever. He has trained previously as an assistance dog to support children with Autism, and is now undergoing training to become a PTSD Assistance Dog. Raffi will be working alongside Jack as he progresses through his Talking Dogs Scentwork accreditation, and the process towards becoming a fully trained Assistance Dog will be documented.


Bramble is an eight year old Border Terrier. She has competed at a high level in a number of dog sports, including Agility and Freestyle to Music. She is currently Grade Seven in Agility, and has won multiple first places at Crufts. She is experienced in media work, having worked for a number of brands such as Land Rover, More Than, BBC and Natures Menu.


Tulip is a one year old Pyrenean Shepherd cross Chinese Crested Powderpuff.  She is currently in training to compete in Agility and Freestyle to Music, and has performed in displays at Crufts, Discover Dogs and The National Pet Show. Due to an unfortunate incident as a puppy, Tulip developed reactivity towards children and some other dogs. This is being managed and worked on, and progress will be documented.


Hazel is a twelve year old Border Terrier, who performed at Grade 5 in Agility for a number of years. Hazel has performed at Crufts, appeared on BBC's 'Dragons Den' and has worked for various brands. She is now retired from Agility, however she still partakes in media events and trick training. 


Uggie is a five and a half year old French Bulldog. She is Kevin's mum, and she is currently working towards competing in Agility and Freestyle to Music. Her underdog journey to competing in these events will be documented.

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