Video: Wing Wraps with Bramble

Training Bramble Right Wing Wraps using the 'check' cue. This is her first lesson using just a verbal cue.

Practising putting wing wraps on verbal cues. Bramble knows “wrap” ie around the left wing, but had never done “check” ie the right wing ever again.

Wing wraps rely heavily on body language, and that is how I had always trained them before, but Bramble is fast and I’d like her to be confident to run ahead and understand the criteria on verbal cue.

This is why I orient where I am sitting and which hand I use to hold her. We have done a lot of collar grabbing games so it is non-aversive (her collar is also loose), and the purpose of the restraint is to set her up to succeed, so I only release her when she is focused on the jump and ready to go, reducing the chance of other behaviours at this point.

Next step would be me standing up and adding a bit more motion such as sending her around a pole/ over a jump before asking for this behaviour.

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