1-2-1 Training

for Puppies, Rescue Dogs and Dogs that need a training top-up!

What we cover

What we cover in these training consultations is entirely up to you. We recommend all dogs are taught crucial life skills such as recall and checking-in on walks, disengagement, loose lead walking and cooperative husbandry. All of this and more can be included in your individual training package. We can also work on agility, tracking, scentwork, trick training, hoopers or other activities that we offer in these sessions. 

How is this different from classes? 

1-2-1 consultations can take place in your home or at one of our venues and they are totally tailored towards you. You wont get lost in a big class or ever spend time covering things that are irrelevant to your dog.

They also work fantastically for people who do shift-work or have irregular schedules, where regular classes would not be suitable. 


Our consults are personal to your training journey, we strive to answer any questions you have about dog-ownership and help you overcome anything you have been struggling with. We can show you training methods and share tricks of the trade that can create a smart, happy, optimistic dog who not only behaves well- but loves to learn and is a joy to spend time with. 

All dogs need a little bit of a training top-up from time to time. Our training consults are specifically designed to teach you and your dog fundamental life skills that allow you to live your life to the fullest!


We can help you teach your dogs or puppies how to come back when called, walk nicely on leash, be comfortable at the vets, learn basic obedience and understand boundaries!

1-2-1   Training   packages


Silver Support 

  • 1 to 1 coaching

  • Two hour-long sessions

  • Ongoing email support

1-2-1   Training   packages


Gold Support

  • 1 to 1 coaching

  • Four hour-long sessions

  • Ongoing email support

1-2-1   Training   packages


Platinum Support

  • 1 to 1 coaching

  • Six hour-long sessions

  • Ongoing email support

1-2-1    Training    packages

"I cannot recommend Jack and Jodie of Make Your Mark highly enough. They have been brilliant with our Border Terrier puppy. At just 14 weeks she now recalls, sits and goes to her bed on command. Brilliant!"