'Stubborn' breed

Border Terrier

'Stupid' breed

French Bulldog

Old dog

Twelve years old

Reactive dog

Fear reactive

All  dogs  are  trainable   with  the  right  motivation 

Trick Training Workshops


There are so many stereotypes that say particular dogs can't be trained for various reasons. At Make Your Mark we believe that any dog can learn tricks. Our Trick Workshops are inclusive for all breeds, ages and abilities. 

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Our trainers have fifteen years of combined experience teaching dog tricks for media work, freestyle to music, agility and assistance dog training.


MYM Trick Workshops show owners how to train a minimum of six tricks using different reward based training methods. We also give a detailed walkthrough of training types, discovering what best motivates your dog and develop your relationship, tailoring our services to every partnership. 

The Workshops

  • Two hours

  • Practical training

  • Teaching theory

  • Six dogs per class

  • Any breeds

  • Any age

  • Any ability

Why do trick training?


All dogs and handlers enjoy positive reward-based training classes. However, these classes usually stop at basic obedience. Do you find yourself wishing you could teach your dog new but practical behaviours, such as how to take medicine, fetching the post and wiping their wet paws? Do you ever wish you could show off your dog on your local dog walk? Do you ever wish you could improve your dog's confidence in a fun and engaging way?


Then Make Your Mark's Trick Training Workshops are for you. Being able to perform flashy behaviours on cue is not only highly entertaining, but also beneficial for your dog's health and wellbeing. Tricks can help dogs gain a better awareness of their body, pose for photographs and prepare them for potentially stressful situations such as wearing a muzzle or having their claws cut.


How can simple trick training do all of this? Trick training is all about innovation and creativity whilst building a good relationship with your dog. Everything is covered in our unique and one-of-a-kind workshops.